Research Report: The Muted Tears of South Sudan's Children

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IICRD's Philip Cook, Richard Wamimbi, and Armel Oguniy design methodology and facilitate consultations with children and other stakeholders in South Sudan. The research, conducted in collaboration with Save the Children and other national child-focused civil society organizations, focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of perspectives from Sudanese children on how armed confliict has impacted them. Through participatory activities like body mapping, river of life, vision tree and social mapping, IICRD engaged more than 150 participants, including boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17 years in primary and secondary schools.

"Now we cannot play as we used to do due to fear of insecurity and abduction”. – a boy from Juba

Please note that some of the content in this report might be disturbing and disheartening. It contains children's experiences, memories, and narrations experienced during the armed conflict.

Imagine a world where we build on the core strengths of children, their families, and communities, to create dignity, belonging, and justice for all.


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