Playing through Covid-19: IICRD featured in Apolitical

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Have you tried corona cricket or noodle freeze? An Apolitical article, written by Andrew Greene, explores the importance of play to children growing through the COVID-19 pandemic (May 27, 2020).

“One thing that we’ve seen, at least at first, was a lot of top-down information and not talking to young people and asking their opinion,” highlights IICRD's Executive Director, Vanessa Currie. “Now that we’ve been in this pandemic for a couple of months, there are a lot of conversations around, ‘What are we doing to make sure that young people can play an active part in the responses that are designed?".

To dig deeper, check out how IICRD is using puppets to engage children to explore their rights through COVID. We are also in the process of collaborating with partners to amplify young people's perspectives through surveys and project research.





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