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The Child Protection Partnership (CPP) is a multi-sector collaboration of individuals and organizations who work to protect children from sexual exploitation enabled by worldwide use of information and communication technology (ICT).

The goal of CPP is to reduce, and where possible eliminate, IT enabled child sexual exploitation by building on good child protection practices and technology that encourage sustainable systems change, across public and private sectors. Specifically, CPP is working towards three outcomes:

  1. Equip law enforcement, government and other supporting bodies/organizations to better address IT enabled child sexual exploitation

  2. Connect vulnerable children (male and female) to services and protective mechanisms to gain improved access to responsive legal and other protections preventing and addressing IT enabled child sexual exploitation

  3. Adopt a coordinated systems approach amongst stakeholders to work in partnership to prevent and addresses IT enabled child sexual exploitation

CPP works with partners such as government, NGOs, private sector, community organizations and children themselves to implement child rights in program locations in Brazil and Thailand. 

CPP collaborates with its extensive network of global and local partners to support law enforcement, government and related agencies. By focusing on prevention, protection and accountability of systems the partners ensure that children’s rights are respected.

This is an issue without boundaries that cannot be solved by one organization or nation; it must be addressed by stakeholders working together. CPP is taking a leadership role in this important global effort.

The Child Protection Partnership (CPP) began as a 3-year program (2008-2011) aimed at reducing child sexual exploitation enabled by information and communication technology (ICT), with $2.6 million CAD provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). CPP is implemented in 2 countries, Thailand and Brazil.

CPP’s international Global Reference Group (GRG) provides guidance, expertise and networks to support CPP, comprised of 6 international partners from 6 different sectors.

In less than 3 years, CPP has built an international, multi-sector collaboration of 78 institutional partners including government ministries, non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, law enforcement agencies, communities and children.

To date, CPP has directly worked with 429 children through its Circle of Rights process in Brazil and Thailand. Indirectly, CPP has positively influenced more than 117,000 children who benefit from programs run through CPP partner organizations that now include ICT safety. Through trainings, working groups, study tours, partner activities, curricula and ICT game development, CPP has indirectly and positively influenced over 100,000 law enforcement personnel; and, over 2 million teachers, parents and other adults.

By leading with children and encouraging good practices, CPP demonstrates the effectiveness of strong partnerships and how ICT awareness, education and safety can build a child’s dignity, belonging and justice.  

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