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Transforming Child Rights

Our vision is for children and youth to play a central role in shaping the present and future, with adults offering the support required, so that in collaboration, children and adults can strengthen and transform our world. To achieve this vision, we believe the approach to children’s rights needs to change. 

The International Institute for Child Rights and Development sees the potential to transform child rights and step boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.

IICRD’s approach to leading with children and youth includes: highly participatory processes grounded in nature, art and play; investing in relationships, partnerships and collaborations; and co-developing processes that are applicable and adaptable to the cultural and regional context. We use child rights as a mechanism to stimulate a change process, recognizing the collective spirit of transformation. We are building a growing knowledge-base of promising practices through working with children and an expanding network of committed intergenerational practitioners working with communities to ensure young people have the support required to reach their full potential.

We will continue to evolve and learn by serving, listening, leading, and learning with children facing adversity around the world.

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Lead with children and support their innovation
  • Build from strengths and relationships
  • Co-create with community
  • Use intergenerational processes to support healing and wellbeing
  • Bridge worlds using knowledge and action 
  • Recognize that personal and collective transformation is integral to creating positive social change
  • Strengthen children’s wellbeing, not only as an outcome of the work, but as integral of the process

Learn more about how we are putting these principles into action through our projects and stories.

Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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