World Vision Evaluation: Protecting Children in East Africa

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The International Institute for Child Rights and Development with Columbia University's Dr. Mike Wessells launch a report to reflect on World Vision’s child protection programs in Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Many agencies have programs that are trying to protect the most vulnerable children from threats such as domestic abuse, community conflict, and sexual violence. Yet, how are these efforts making a difference to the lives of children? What is working and could work better?

To address these questions, World Vision commissioned an evaluation of its Child Safe Spaces Project and Child Protection and Advocacy approach. Data was collected from 2012-2015 using household surveys and participatory tools including children, family members, community leaders, government officials and project staff.

Research from the report, published in March 2016, will support World Vision to:

  • Enhance their Child Protection Theory of Change, which IICRD/Columbia helped to facilitate
  • Inform regional and global strategies
  • Meaningfully involve community members, especially the most vulnerable children and their families, in initiatives to reduce violence, abuse, and exploitation against children
  • Positively build communities while promoting human thriving 

"As a parent, I have a child living with a disability. Before the Child Protection Committee was formed, disabled children were the most vulnerable person in a family, they were not recognized as a person, they were isolated and often hidden in shame - now they are included." - Parent, Rwanda

Learn more about the project, including field trip blogs and webinars, from team members including IICRD's Dr. Philip CookMichele Cook, Columbia University's Dr. Mike Wessells and Royal Roads University's Richard Wamimbi (Doctoral candidate).

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