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Commissioned by World Vision’s Child Protection Interest Group, Philip Cook, IICRD, and Emma Pritchard, Senior Research & Evaluation Advisor - Child Protection (WV Australia), facilitated a 3 day Child Protection Theory of Change workshop in June 2013 in Seattle, with 16 of World Vision International’s child protection leaders.

World Vision’s Child Protection Theory of Change reflects the support and contributions of many individuals from across the globe that work to strengthen the prevention and response to abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence affecting children. This was the first step in providing a framework to WV’s many efforts to strengthen child protection, in order to better integrate our work and technical support, and build an evidence base for child protection systems strengthening approaches.

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Bill Forbes, Director, Child Protection, Child Development and Rights Team, and Paul Stephenson Senior Director Child Development and Rights Technical Cluster I Child Development and Programme Effectiveness

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