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Child Centred Community Development in Practice: Supporting Positive Change for Children, Youth and Community through the Circle of Rights

From July 29-August 2, 2013, IICRD  facilitated a workshop with Plan East & Southern African Regional Office (RESA) to help strengthen Plan’s Child-Centred Community Development  (CCCD) approach in practice. The workshop built on IICRD’s  Circle of Rights process and other creative child centred approaches to support social change for children and communities.  Following the workshop, Plan RESA staff who attended the training integrated the lessons learned into their work and strengthen CCCD implementation.  

"The training was very useful to me both professionally and socially. I had a brief with my supervisor immediately after we returned from Zambia. He is quite interested in COR. I also used Pass the Rock tool last week during the training of children in Child Participation in Child Protection. After the exercise, the children started opening up and participating actively...The children loved the game very much and drew up some key learning like collective responsibility, caring for and supporting one another. The teachers were very amazed at the participation of children. It was a wonderful training." -- Plan RESA participant



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33 participants from 14 Plan country teams,  including 4 youth and 1 staff working with Citizen’s Forum

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July-August 2013
Lusaka, Zambia
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Participating Plan Teams Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Benin, also focal points from the East & Southern Africa Regional Office (RESA), the West Africa Regional Office (WARO), as well as the Citizen’s Forum

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