[Virtual Workshop] Navigating the Changing Tides

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Connecting Indigenous Youth in BC through Crisis

Indigenous youth in British Columbia are facing many interconnected tides: the COVID-19 pandemic, racial discrimination, economic insecurity, and an environmental emergency - leaving young people’s health and wellbeing in the balance.

This workshop brings Elders and youth together to start a conversation on how to navigate these changing times. The questions we will ask: 

  • What can we observe from natural phenomena like the changing ocean tides and how they connect to the riptides happening around us?
  • How can we use the knowledge of our culture to strengthen us in hard times? 
  • What process can we use to help maintain our cultural identity?Together, we can connect, share, and navigate our shared journey towards realizing our rights and wellbeing. 

When: Thursday, June 25 from 2:00-3:30 PM 

Where: Zoom (Online) 

Who: Indigenous Youth, (ages 14-18) in BC 

Why: Connect with other youth in BC, learn from knowledgeable Indigenous Elders, and hear a few traditional teachings that have been shared with them…and youth can receive a $30.00 gift card as an honorarium for participation! 

*A limited number of spaces are available. 

Register for this workshop by June 24, 2020, please email: Chey.Stonechild@gmail.com 

Here’s a list of our guest speakers:

• Elder Leonita Gray, Cowichan, British Columbia

• Elder John Rice, Anishinaabe, Ontario

• Erin Dixon, Metis, Ontario

• Dr. Jennifer Charlesworth, British Columbia’s Representative for Children and Youth


This session is co-hosted by the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) and British Columbia's Representative for Children and Youth.

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