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IICRD conducts research on child well-being

UNICEF Canada launched a Research Agenda with the International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Ron Wray and Dr. Nazilla Khanlou, and the Students Commission of Canada, together with a multidisciplinary Research Advisory Group, including Micheal Montgomery, Partnerships and Practice Director at IICRD. Key research questions include:

What social, political and other key drivers or conditions scaffold strong outcomes in child well-being in “top-performing” countries according to the UNICEF Index of Child Well-Being, and what does this suggest for our domestic efforts?
What do children and youth in Canada say is important to their well-being, and what are the implications for how we understand and measure it?

We’ll share the research findings in early 2016.

IICRD's Cheryl Heykoop and Elaina Mack are currently conducting comparative research on Child Well-Being in developed countries for this project.

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