Stepping Up to Climate Change: Mike McKenzie

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YouLEAD Advisor Featured in ResiliencebyDesign Lab Video

YouLEAD Advisor, Mike McKenzie is featured in Step Up - Youth Voices in Focus: A crucial conversation about youth, disaster, and climate change adaptation​.

“It is so important that people understand that what we do to the land, we do to ourselves. If we don’t take ourselves seriously, all those quotes that we put on Facebook.  All of those things we tell each other when we are feeling down. It is not going to matter. It is not going to matter whether we stop bullying people, whether we stop racism, whether we stop wars. It does not matter...if we don’t stop destroying the planet.” – Mike McKenzie


This video is produced by the ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab, based at Royal Roads University, in association with Kingtide Films.

The ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab (RbD) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, and youth committed to applied, creative and collaborative research to address the complex and interrelated problems of disasters and climate change. This video was produced to highlight the power of youth as resilience leaders and innovators and to advocate for the active and meaningful engagement of youth in policies, practices, and programs to improve local, national and international disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

IICRD’s Cheryl Heykoop is a faculty member at Royal Roads University and a researcher with the project.

Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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