Social Cohesion in Social Isolation:

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Communities of Care

How to we foster social cohesion in times of physical isolation and distancing?

Inclusive online spaces to speak openly can provide essential support to create social cohesion and create a community of care - not just for yourself, but others you engage with personally and professionally too.

In response to Covid-19, IICRD’s Laura Wright is co-hosting regular online conversations with the University of Edinburgh’s Katey Warren to bring people together.

Join academics, practitioners, arts/play managers or administrators, and/or interested community members to explore what social cohesion can feel like, look like, and mean during these current times of social isolation for young people and adults. Each week will have a few overarching questions to start the conversation and create space for dialogue and ideas for action. 

Read Laura and Katey's blog on the Arts Health Early Career Research Network page or check out the Arts, Play, Health  Conference Connect-COVID-19 page to learn more about registering for future sessions.

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