IICRD Sets the Stage for Intergenerational Talks on Climate Change

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Children and Youth in Climate Change: An Intergenerational Perspective

The International Institute for Child Rights and Development's Philip Cook (Executive Director) and Bill White (Former Chair) host a workshop on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 in San Francisco, California. The workshop, Children and Youth in Climate Change: An Intergenerational Perspective is an affiliated event of the Global Climate Action Summit.

This meeting proposes that elders should be the natural allies of children and youth in addressing climate change. It explores how elders can step up to honor humankind’s obligations to its children and youth by protecting, empowering, and supporting them in this moment of special need. It brings youth and elders together to find ways to do that.    

The workshop features a report on the impact of climate change on children and youth; presentation by David Suzuki Foundation; presentation by “children’s troubadour” and advocate/musician Raffi Cavoukian and a discussion of climate change initiatives by youth activists; and potential collaboration between elders and youth.


Learn more about how IICRD's project to convene conversations about the impact of climate change on children and youth.

"The world is bequeathing to its young a problem it has so far been unable or unwilling to competently address, leaving them scarce time, organization, and wherewithal to solve it. But it is not helping them to cope with this fearsome challenge. Are they to be abandoned? Who will step up for and with them?" - Bill White, IICRD Associate

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