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The International Institute for Child Rights and Development celebrates Universal Child Day and the anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (November 20th).

Through puppets, games and art, IICRD's Elaina Mack, Kathleen Manion and Valeria Cortes are engaging more than 150 school-aged children in Victoria to learn about their rights. These workshops are contributing to a cross-agency campaign to facilitate learning activities across Canada for Child Rights Education Week from November 19 to 25, 2018.  

This year, the campaign is focused on highlighting the fact that children and youth have the right to be aware of their rights.

Join us and make your voices heard

From November 19th to 25th, please feel free to participate on social media by using the hashtags #OurVoicesMatter, #YouthHaveRights and #SEDE or #CREW. You are invited to take part in the conversation.

This year, youth from New Brunswick and British Columbia planned a great campaign on social media. You will be able to see their artwork (email attachment) and videos they have created in our video gallery page and on our Facebook page throughout the week. Do not hesitate to share this educational content to reach as many people as you can in your province.

Teachers, educators, parents or youth, please use our educational material.

You can find our educational material about rights of the child on our website, in addition to educational material about non-discrimination. All was developed by our partner agencies to help members of the community discuss children’s rights with children.

Help highlighting youth’s opinion in the province, in Canada and abroad

The Canadian Coalition for the rights of Children is working on an alternative report on the current child’s rights situation in our country. The goal is to make recommendations to improve children’s rights’ implementation. The purpose of this report is to complete the periodical report that Canada will present before the UN. Learn more about this process here.

Youth from all around Canada are invited to make their voices heard on matters that concern them. The Canadian Coalition for the rights of Children’s survey give them an opportunity to have a role in the drafting process of the alternative report. Invite youth to participate!

Come join us as well!

Have a great CREW!

Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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