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A children’s rights curriculum for health workers

The CREATE curriculum is designed to provide health workers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with a general introduction to children’s rights and their application to day to day work practice.

It has been developed through a partnership between the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation based in Arusha, Tanzania,  the Open University in the UK 
and Child Rights Education for Professionals (CRED-PRO), an international programme committed to strengthening the understanding and application of child rights in professional practice.

The curriculum is available online on the Open University website and can also be downloaded as a pdf. It can be used by individuals wishing to learn more about children’s rights or it can be used by tutors, teachers, or lecturers wishing to incorporate children’s rights into their professional courses. It is open educational resource, with few copyright restrictions, so can be adapted to accommodate the needs of particular students, or for relevance to other countries. It can be used as a complete course or taken in parts to complement other learning. A tutor guide has also been developed to provide guidance on how to use the materials and incorporate them into training courses

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