Neglecting /Maltreatment of a child may lead to Revenge

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A child lives in our area lost both her mother and father with HIV AIDS. Accordingly, she forced to live with her relatives. However, she faced unexpected challenges. Her relative tried to neglect her. She Slept alone and eat alone in separate materials. Generally, she become disappointed by the mistreatment she faced from her relatives. Finally, she decided to revenge not only her relatives but also all people around her even to bite them for blood contamination. I think this shows the degree of her disappointment even though it is not a right decision.

Unfortunately Home Visitors (HV) assigned at that area tried to visit her. She talks to the HV all about what happened to her and even her decision. The HV was really disappointed by the maltreatment of the child: how she eats, where she sleeps, to whom to talk her problems etc. Immediately the HV treated her very well up to persuading her to change her decision. Finally, the HV referred the case to concerned bodies for more responding services.

To put my idea in a nutshell we should take care of all type of children without any discrimination if not we may bring other community challenges.

Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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