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Every Thursday since 2012 I have gone to a community meal inside of the Grandview Calvary Baptist Church for approx. 50 low-income residence of that area. In order to get a meal (which includes a main dish, a salad, and a desert) you must help set up, help clean up, or pay $2. It is very community based and not like most soup kitchens you can find in the downtown east side of Vancouver. There are 4-6 round tables that seat 8 people at each. One person from each table can volunteer to serve everybody else at the table as their payment for the meal. It is suggested that people come about 30-60 mins before hand to get a seat at one of the tables and socialize with the other people, or if you would like to come 2 hours beforehand to help cook the food. It runs mostly off of volunteers. 

In December 2012 I got asked to become one of the head chefs for the meals since I was showing up regularly. There are 4 head chefs and we each take turns cooking for the meal each week. So, once a month I get to choose the menu (main dish, salad, and desert) then on the day I help buy the fresh produce and then lead the volunteers in preparing the food (telling them which jobs need to be done next while helping prepare the food) as well as dishing it out for the tables.

It has been a very fun experience for me since I enjoy helping people out. I have also gained some valuable work experience since it was my first real job and the only one I still have. 

I have added Joseph Charters and Sheilagh Heather to my network because they are very friendly people. 

References- Simmeon Pang and Celeste Pang


Yeah, I think that would be a good idea since it's hard to remember all the key points that we need to have. 

This is great Cheylene - can you also add 2 people you added to your network and 2 references.... then I can add your stamps. I think I will ask teh web developer to make a request credit form for people to fill in... to include the criteria we discussed - what do you think? The name of the activity or event The date it occurred The amount of time you spent on it Key points you learned and what you plan to do with the things you learned 2 people you met that you will add to your personal network and why you want them in your network, and The names and positions of 2 people that could confirm your participation, or attached references

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