You Create: Strengthening Resilience through the Arts

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The International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) is partnering with Terre des hommes on a project in Egypt and Iraq entitled You Create: Child and youth-led art initiatives to support their psychosocial well-being and protection in migration and adversity settingsWe are working in partnership to develop a methodology to strengthen resilience and the psychosocial competencies of children and youth.

The aim is to increase their empowerment, protection and agency using art (and digital technologies) as a support for child and youth-led interventions. Using arts-based participatory action research, young people are being trained as leaders and researchers in their own lives, leading their peers through an arts-based process to explore the strengths and challenges that exist within their individual, family and community contexts. Young people will then use the arts to address some of the key challenges to their wellbeing, implementing arts-based activities for positive social change.

Key activities of the project include:

  • Conducting a literature review, visits to promising practice sites, and key informant interviews with individuals and organizations offering arts-based programming for young people impacted by adversity and migration around the world.
  • Research to inform the development of a methodology and suite of tools, along with child and youth focused monitoring and evaluation processes. These will be piloted in Iraq and Egypt over a one-year period. This is a highly participatory process that engages the young people in the design and the implementation of the methodology.
  • A final methodology and suite of arts-based tools with accompanying M&E tools will be developed based on lessons learned. 

This project will expand on IICRD’s academic research and practitioner experience, drawing from best practices in psychosocial approaches for and protection of children and youth experiencing adversity in various situational contexts, particularly for young people experiencing migration. Arts-based programming that builds on young people’s agency, resilience and contributes to their empowerment will be a cornerstone of this initiative.

"As the number of young people impacted by migration and adversity continues to grow in recent years, there is a pressing need to engage these young people in creative ways to work through the challenges they are facing. The arts offer a real opportunity to empower young people to express themselves, share their thoughts and ideas, play a meaningful role in their communities and create positive social change." - Vanessa Currie, IICRD Associate

Please note: Consent was obtained by the young people for their photo to be used as part of the You Create project.

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December 2017-May 2019
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