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The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation asked IICRD to support the Developmental Evluation summary analysis of the Off-Reserve Aboriginal Action Plan (ORAAP)'s accomplishments and produce a report that will be used to both share the learning and celebrate the successes for British Colombians and partners alike. Through this reflection, the IICRD and ORAAP team collaborated on the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 annual reports on the progress made towards creating positive changes for Aboriginal peoples choosing to live, work and study in British Columbia’s urban areas.  As Developmental Evaluators of ORAAP’s annual review, IICRD is facilitating ongoing learning through gathering evidence to support engaged action with BC-based urban Aboriginal peoples.

What is ORAAP?

In BC, 78% of all Aboriginal people live off-reserve. The October 3, 2011, Speech from the Throne acknowledged the importance of the off-reserve Aboriginal population in BC and noted that: “With increased movement of Aboriginal people into urban centres comes the opportunity to strengthen and align our efforts with urban Aboriginal communities. The government will work with Aboriginal partners, the federal government and local governments to develop an off-reserve Aboriginal action plan to achieve better education and job training, healthier family life, and strengthened cultures and traditions.”

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