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IICRD is currently working with post-secondary institutions such as Royal Roads University (RRU) in Victoria, British Columbia, to integrate  a YouLEAD and CPID focus as well as fully accredited courses into exisitng degree programs at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels.  Within RRU, leadership and protection focused directed studies and elective courses are currently available within the Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies, Masters in Global Leadership Studies, and the Doctorate in Social Sciences through their distance education and residencies model. IICRD anticipates offering similar accredited courses through other partner universities around the globe.

IICRD is currently offering directed studies and YouLEAD and CPID electives within the following RRU programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies(BAIS)(Completion program):

60 credit program, 2 years

Directed Studies and elective courses in the the Royal Roads University Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) program (BAIS) are specifically geared towards students who have limited access to post secondary education opportunities and who are actively engaged in fields related to child protection in development, youth advocacy and leadership, social work, and community development. While two years of an undergraduate degree (college or university) are preferred as a prerequisite for the BAIS, flexible admissions are also considered for those with strong community-based and other relevant life experience (min. 2 years in leadership positions in child, youth, and community programming). Defining of equivalency programs and courses being considered from other educational institutions and YouLEAD/CPID stamps and certificates is under development. 

Master of Arts in Global Leadership(MAGL):

39 credit program, 2 years

Directed Studies and YouLEAD and CPID elective Doctoral level courses and supervision/mentorship are offered through RRU’s RRU’s Master of Arts in Global Leadership (MAGL) program. These course are geared towards professionals who are working within global and local contexts in the child protection in development related fields. Students wanting to focus on YouLEAD and CPID within the MAGL are required to attend two two-week residencies, separated by periods of web-based and in-community learning, and successful complete 4 required courses, 6 elective courses (3 focused on child protection in development), and a final capstone project related to child protection. 

Doctorate of Social Sciences (DSocSci):

60 credit program, 4 years

Directed Studies and CPID elective Doctoral level courses and supervision/mentorship are offered through RRU’s Doctorate of Social Sciences (DSocSci). The CPID focus is geared towards scholar-practitioners who have a Master’s degree in one of the Social Sciences (normally required) and/or have approximately 10 years in leadership positions in fields related to child protection, youth advocacy and leadership, sustainable development, community development or other related fields. Students focusing on YouLEAD or CPID within the DSocSci stream are required to attend two three-week residencies separated by periods of web-based distance learning and successfully complete six required courses.

  • Global Interdependence and Community,
  • Social Theory and the Globalized World,
  • The Epistemology of Applied Social Sciences,
  • YouLEAD or CPID Directed Study,
  • Applied Qualitative Social Scientific Methods,
  • Applied Quantitative Social Scientific Methods, and 
  • A dissertation focused on an area of interest related to YouLEAD or CPID (worth 42 credits).

The first two years are devoted to coursework, the preparation of the dissertation proposal and the preparation for the candidacy exam. The last two years of the program consist of research and the writing of the dissertation on an emerging and relevant child protection in development challenge. Students have seven years to complete their YouLEAD or CPID focused DSocSci. 

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