Children and Youth in Climate Change: An Intergenerational Perspective (Events)

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IICRD is co-creating 3 events to call urgent attention and create positive action regarding YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE:

* in San Francisco, a Sept 11, 2018 Intergenerational Event involving Youth and Elder leaders and activists (affiliated with Global Climate Action Summit - click "more" below); and

* in B.C., Canada, an Oct 12 - 14 Youth Gathering, then an Oct 15 - 16 Intergenerational Dialogue adding Elders and key partners for change (see pdf below).

A core intention is to connect with Indigenous living culture and wisdom, to support harmonious cohabitation with all living things.  The overall purpose is building on knowledge that results in action, by bringing together Youth and Elder leaders, Indigenous communities, academia, and other adult allies.


Children and Youth in Climate Change: An intergenerational Perspective (see .pdf below)

An affiliated event of the Global Climate Action Summit

Tuesday, September 11, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (open to the public)

First Unitarian Universalist Society (Starr King Room), 1187 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Children and youth have the biggest stake in what the world does about climate change.  Children are already its main victims. Youth are inheriting from today’s adults a planetary existential crisis they will soon be responsible to manage, but for which they have not been adequately prepared. The world is bequeathing to its young a problem it has so far been unable or unwilling to competently address, leaving them scarce time, organization, and wherewithal to solve it. But it is not helping them to cope with this fearsome challenge. Are they to be abandoned? Who will step up for and with them?

This meeting proposes that elders should be the natural allies of children and youth in addressing climate change. It explores how elders can step up to honor humankind’s obligations to its children and youth by protecting, empowering, and supporting them in this moment of special need.  It brings youth and elders together to find ways to do that.    


Report on the impact of climate change on children and youth

Presentation by David Suzuki Foundation

Presentation by “children’s troubadour” and advocate Raffi Cavoukian

Discussion of climate change initiatives by youth activists 

Workshop on collaboration between elders and youth





Dr. Philip Cook, Executive Director, IICRD,

William Myers, Communications,

Young people cannot solve the issues of climate change on their own. Our collective goal must be to harness the creative activism of young people, along with the support and guidance of Elders, the ancestral Indigenous wisdom of harmonious co-habitation with our planet, and the best of human rights, sustainable development, disaster and climate change initiatives.

PRELIMINARY PARTNERS involved in developing the above:

  • International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD, Canada)
  • David Suzuki Foundation (Canada)
  • Raffi Cavoukian and the Centre for Child Honouring (Canada)
  • Elders Advisory Group on Climate Change (California)
  • Right to Play International
  • Our Children's Trust, Youth-led Climate Initiative (USA)
  • Global Child Forum (hosted by the King and Queen of Sweden)
  • Resilience by Design, School of Humanitarian Studies, Royal Roads University (Canada)
  • Ryerson University, School of Child and Youth Care (Canada)
  • Chiang Mai University, Mekong Social Research Centre (Thailand)
  • University of California at Davis, Centre for Regional Change
  • African Child Policy Forum (Ethiopia)
  • Shaking the Movers Youth, Landon Pearson Centre, Carleton University (Canada)
  • Climate System Emergency Institute (Canada)
  • GreenHeart Education (Canada)
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