Child Thrive


Child Thrive is a capacity buildling program - offering workshops to community groups, and school districts, PAC's and businesses and is part of an emerging city wide initiative to create a collective impact mandate for children and youth in Victoria.

All children need a caring, capable, and committed web of parents, peers, and practitioners to not only help them to survive – but to thrive in an increasingly complex world. Hundreds of people are working to support children to thrive: parents, midwives/doctors, childcare providers, educators, librarians, youth groups, businesses, social workers and more! These people all play different roles in each child’s development. This strong web of partnerships, including children themselves, can help young people to strengthen their capacities to reach their full potential as capable, active citizens contributing to the building of healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities.



Our training programs

  • Lead with children and youth;
  • Start from strengths;
  • Build partnerships to expand circles of support;
  • Work from the inside-out- from individual to community engagement;
  • Use the power of ideas to foster empathetic, evidence based, engaged action; and
  • Link community and formal supports.