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Specialized Training Courses are offered through IICRD that build from IICRD expertise and experience, and respond to the emerging needs of professionals and practitioners in child and community well being and protection and development-related fields. Courses focus on broadening and deepening specific self-awareness, knowledge, skills, and accountable action capabilities.  Specialized CPID and YouLEAD Training Courses are delivered through a network of IICRD experts and specialists across the globe. Courses are offered throughout the year through face-to-face, with online support. Where possible trainings are offered “in community” to encourage community-centered learning, reflection, and application.

Most training courses run over a four day period, with three differerent levels.

Specialized CPID and YouLEAD Training Courses are organized into four thematic areas:

Self Awareness (Self)

Self Awareness courses focus on deepening one’s ability to be a reflective practitioner.

Sample Courses include: THE JOURNEY- understanding self in relation to others and the natural world, cultivating a mindful, reflective practice, building from strengths and culture, nurturing empathy, authenticity, and responsibility, conflict resolution, and tending to self- the importance of self-care

Child and Youth Protection and Well Being (Knowledge)

Courses focus on questioning, broadening and deepening one’s knowledge and understanding of child protection and well being in the contexts of child, community, and international development systems.

Sample courses include:  STRENGTHENING CHILD WELL BEING AND PROTECTION IN COMMUNITY- understanding child and family well being and protection and community systems of protection that focuses on an ecological approach to child rights and protection, understanding risk and resilience in adversity, therapeutic and holistic approaches to working with vulnerable children and youth, and the ethics of working with children.

Engagement and Leadership (Skills)

Engagement courses focus on the development of skills and practices to work more effectively with children, youth, families, and communities.

Sample courses include: CREATIVE APPROACHES TO WORKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE - learning creative, experimental tools and approaches for working with young people, listening to and talking with children, facilitating community conversations, facilitating youth engagement, conflict mediation, the creative use of the arts and technology.

Accountability (Action)

Accountability courses focus on the development of knowledge, skills and practices to take accountable actions that reflect the best interests of children, youth, their families, and communities.

Sample courses include: ACCOUNTABLE ACTION TO WORKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE- child-centred planning, monitoring, and evaluation, developing a child protection policy, child-centred corporate social responsibility, developing indicators to measure child protection and well-being, change-focused accountability tools.

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